Why Social Media is the New Public Relations

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by Brad Smith

Most people misunderstand the benefits of social media.

It’s not about “embracing your audience”, “joining the conversation” or “being authentic”.

For businesses, social media is much more valuable.

When you do it right, the potential is limitless.

Why Social Media is the New Public Relations

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Forbes columnist Michael Ellsberg recently wrote an article about the Tim Ferriss Effect, and the surprising strength of single-author blogs with passionate audiences.

(For those who don’t know, Tim Ferriss is the widely successful author of the Four Hour Work Week, and Four Hour Body, as well as an entrepreneur and angel investor.)

Michael witnessed this effect first-hand. While promoting his recent book, Michael did all types of PR and interviews to try and push book sales.

He appeared on primetime CNN, had an article in the New York Times Sunday edition, and published a guest post on Tim Ferriss’s popular blog.

Guess which performed best?

When the guest post on Tim Ferriss’s blog went live, it shot Michael’s book up the charts to #45 on the Amazon Bestsellers list.

That single guest post had the largest direct impact on Michael’s books sales. Bigger than an interview on CNN, and bigger than a story on the New York Times.


How does that make sense?

The Halo Effect is a real, cognitive bias that explains why people become star-struck.

The Halo Effect says that physically attractive people are automatically assumed to be smarter, happier, and more successful than their average peers.

Apple benefits from the Halo Effect because people love their products.

If Oprah recommended a book to her passionate audience, then it would immediately make the New York Times Best Sellers list.

The “Oprah Effect” was coined years ago because of her amazing ability to make a “hit” product simply by recommending it to her audience.

And now, that effect is being passed down to individual, influential bloggers.

This has a profound impact on how we understand digital marketing.

It should also show you exactly how important social media is for business.

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