Iconic Deity Design House (IDDH) is a creative services design house. We provide consulting for businesses in the areas of print, graphic design, advertising, web sites and social media. Our approach to your business needs starts prior to out initial meeting, we do some basic research and create a client profile.

We profile your business, needs, advantages, competitors and its unique selling point.


Because that is how we can create a cohesive plan that will maximize your investment. We will help you in creating a unique piece that is custom tailored to your needs and that will assist in delivering your message via the medium you are electing.


We walk into a meeting, listen, take notes, sketch some ideas ask a lot of questions and observe. We take in the atmosphere of the business and then begin to sketch up a creative plan.


We focus on working with small businesses and helping them develop a strong identity. Even the smallest project for business cards involves consulting and strategizing with the customer, our products is derived from their vision and personality. Every business, every product has personality and we help to show it with our work. Our philosophy is based on business principles and focuses on a creative and persuasion theory.